Museum Stats


Welcome to Museum Stats

The idea behind Museum Stats is for different museums to share and aggregate their museum web stats using Google Analytics. While it's nice to see our own numbers go up (or down) from month to month, it's hard to understand what that means in context. How does your museum relate to another institution? How are your trends different? Is there anything we as a community can glean from this? This is what this website is here to find out.

Currently Museum Stats is in Alpha. We're taking a few museums to test and will slowly be asking for more in the future as we ramp up. Right now the site is basically just a data dump, with sortable months by year (going back to 2008). More features for stats viewing and comparisons will be offered over time. The current metrics being reported are:
  • User Sessions
  • Unique Visitors
  • Average Time on Site
  • User Hours
  • Pageviews
If you would like to take part in contributing, please send an email to to request access. Adding your stats is very easy and after you do you will be given a generic username/password into the alpha site to view the data. Given that this is an alpha, please expect things to break randomly as we move forward, thank you.

Museum Stats is a product of the Walker Art Center